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What is a Marine Surveyor?

A marine surveyor is usually a professional, such as a qualified shipmaster, engineer, naval architect or radio officer.

They conduct inspections, surveys or examinations aboard ship to assess, monitor and report on the condition of the ship, as well as attending the manufacturers of new equipment intended for new or existing vessels, to ensure compliance with various standards or specifications.


Damage Surveys

Accidents and incidents at sea can have serious consequences, not only for the crew on board but also for the vessel owners. PEERLESS Marine Surveyors specializes in providing in-depth accident and incident investigations to explore the root causes and to determine the “Nature – Cause – Extent” of the damage sighted.


Trip in Tow Surveys

This survey addresses the items needing attention by the owner to properly prepare his/her vessel to be towed such as trim, ballast options, tow bridles make-ups, assurances of deck hardware condition, stability, and securing of gear.

Warranty & Project Cargo Surveys

The main function is to ensure that the cargo is handled safely and correctly during loading and unloading operations. Improper handling of the cargo may result in damage, delays, and extra costs.

It includes checking and carrying out the following factors:

  • Supervision of cargo handling during loading and unloading operation.
  • Confirmation that the cargo meets all packaging requirements.
  • Supervision of holds and hatches before loading.
  • Checking the cargo documents.

Stowage - Lashing - Securing Surveys

Our surveyors have experience in the stowage, lashing and securing of heavy cargo units on deep sea vessels, we monitor the safe handling and loading of the cargo units, give advice on proper stowage and verify that the cargo units are lashed and secured in a seaworthy manner.

It is important that adequate load-spreading measures are taken, if so required, to prevent exceeding the maximum permissible loads on a ship’s tank top or hatch covers.


Condition & Valuation Surveys

A detailed inspection of your boat to establish its baseline condition and value. It acts as an inventory of the equipment on your boat at the time of the survey as well as serving as confirmation of the condition of the vessel if there is a claim. Usually done for a pre-purchase of a used vessel or requested by your insurance carrier.